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Appropriate Byte Counting

Congestion control algorithm.
A modification to the algorithm for increasing TCP's congestion window (cwnd) that improves both performance and security. Rather than increasing a TCP's congestion window based on the number of acknowledgments (ACKs) that arrive at the data sender (per the current specification [RFC2581]), the congestion window is increased based on the number of bytes acknowledged by the arriving ACKs.

The algorithm improves performance by mitigating the impact of delayed ACKs on the growth of cwnd. At the same time, the algorithm provides cwnd growth in direct relation to the probed capacity of a network path, therefore providing a more measured response to ACKs that cover only small amounts of data (less than a full segment size) than ACK counting.

This more appropriate cwnd growth can improve both performance and can prevent inappropriate cwnd growth in response to a misbehaving receiver. On the other hand, in some cases the modified cwnd growth algorithm causes larger bursts of segments to be sent into the network. In some cases this can lead to a non- negligible increase in the drop rate and reduced performance.

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