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Circuitous Treasure Hunt

The Circuitous Treasure Hunt Anti-Pattern is typically found in database applications. Software system retrieves data from the first table in a database, uses those results to search the second table, retrieves data from that table, and so on, until the ?ultimate results? are obtained. A large amount of database processing is required for each time the ?ultimate results? is retrieved. This will result in performance degradation for the application because of the high volume of database accesses. Another instance of this Anti-Pattern is also found in object-oriented systems, where operations have large ?response sets.? In this case, one object invokes an operation in another object, that object then invokes an operation in another object, and so on, until the ?ultimate result? is obtained. Then, each operation returns, one by one, to the object that made the original call. The performance of the systems will deteriorate due to such chaining of the method invocations among different objects.

Symptoms and consequences

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