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Measured in bits-per-second, shows useful application data successfully processed by the receiver. It measures effective or useful throughput and includes only application data and not packet, protocol, or media headers.

Per RFC 2647:
3.17 Goodput Definition: The number of bits per unit of time forwarded to the correct destination interface of the DUT/SUT, minus any bits lost or retransmitted.
Firewalls are generally insensitive to packet loss in the network. As such, measurements of gross bit forwarding rates are not meaningful since (in the case of proxy-based and stateful packet filtering firewalls) a receiving endpoint directly attached to a DUT/SUT would not receive any data dropped by the DUT/SUT. The type of traffic lost or retransmitted is protocol-dependent. TCP and ATM, for example, request different types of retransmissions. Testers must observe retransmitted data for the protocol in use, and subtract this quantity from measurements of gross bit forwarding rate.
Unit of measurement: bits per second

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