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Open Source Performance Testing Tools aims to boost the profile of open source testing tools within the testing industry, principally by giving users easy access from one central location to the wide range of open source testing tools available.
Scott Barber
Scott Barber consults on and teaches practical performance testing and analysis. He has written a large amount of very interesting articles.
The most popular Software Testing and Quality Assurance discussions site. With over 50 forums that cover almost every area in software testing, quality assurance and quality engineering.
QAForums: Performance & Load Testing Forum
This forum is designed for performance, stress and load test tools "non-tool-specific" discussions.
I am a moderator on this forum.
James Bach - Satisfice
Satisfice is dedicated to teaching and consulting in software testing and quality assurance.
IBM Rational Software
IBM Rational software provides a software development platform that improves the
speed, quality, and predictability of software projects.
Without doubt the best place for learning about MS SQL Server performance.
Quantitative System Performance
Introductory text on analytic computer performance models. Complete text is available as searchable PDF. Published in 1984.
Unix Performance Tools
There are a number of tools available to help the Performance Analyst and Capacity Planning to make sense of what the UNIX operating system is doing with an application.
University Classes on Computer Performance
Web sites for academic classes on computer performance. Typical contents include syllabi, readings, homework, and lecture notes. Useful to students, instructors and practitioners who want to review the basics.
SPIRENT Communications
Test and measurement solutions for developing communications equipment and networks.
Segue is the world expert in providing tools and services that automate the software quality process.
Mercury Interactive
Global leader in business technology optimization (BTO) software solutions. The makers of LoadRunner.
Empirix delivers solutions that help enterprises and telecoms to improve the performance of their Web-based applications.
CompuWare: QACenter
QACenter delivers a unique offering of automated testing products and solutions designed to validate applications, isolate and correct problems, and ensure that systems can handle anticipated load—before applications go live.
Raj Jain
The author of "The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis: Techniques for Experimental Design, Measurement, Simulation, and Modeling," which is widely considered a classic.
Robert Sabourin
Robert Sabourin has been involved in all aspects of development, testing and management of software engineering projects. I met Robert through the WOPR workshop.
Makers of the Webserver Stress Tool.
The makers of Extreme Test.
Another forum focused on load testing. This particular forum has a focus on LoadRunner users.
Yahoo! Groups softwareperfeng
Software Performance Engineering forum.
Software testing Education
A collection of resources for people who want to teach Software Testing, or who want to learn Software Testing.
OSSTMM - Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual
This manual is to set forth a standard for Internet security testing.
OPST Security Tester
" Load Testing Whitepapers
Different Vendor written whitepapers on Load testing.
Performance Testing White Papers
Different vendor written white papers on Performance Testing.
Network Performance White Papers
Different vendor written white papers on Network Performance.
Nimbus Software
Nimbus develops and sell systems- and service management solutions to increase availability and improve performance on IT-infrastructure such as servers, applications, databases, network and IT-services.
The Open Source Database Benchmark
OSDB, the "Open Source Database Benchmark," grew out of a minor project at Compaq Computer Corporation to evaluate the I/O throughput and general processing power of GNU Linux/Alpha.
Linux Benchmark Suite
Provides a wide range of both synthetic and application benchmarks for Linux as well as information and tools to tune and run them.
Linux Performance Tuning
The ultimate resource on tuning your Linux system to reach the highest levels of performance.
SUN Performance
This page is a collection of performance related information and links.
Cem Kaner
Cem Kaner is a Professor of Software Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology and Director of Florida Tech's Center for Software Testing Education & Research.
QA Labs provides world-class software testing and quality assurance services to the international software industry, including outsourced testing, test automation, and test planning solutions, and quality assurance (QA) process consulting and training
Software Productivity Center
Software Productivity Center Inc. provides customized software process solutions that help companies meet their business objectives.

Shunra provides IT professionals with powerful products and supporting methodology to build distributed applications that function properly and perform to specifications right from the start.
Web Performance Trainer&trade is web load testing and web stress testing software and tools targeted at web sites that use standard technologies such as web forms, J2EE, ASP, .NET, PHP, ColdFusion, Java, etc.
Construx Training Offerings
Construx' seminars enhance the knowledge, skills and performance of software developers, analysts, testers, leads, and managers.
Addressing OS/390 Web server performance
The benefits of high-availability and proven disaster-recovery capabilities make
OS/390® an attractive Web server choice. However, there are challenges in using an
OS/390 system as a Web server.
" 15 Seconds
A very useful site if you are testing Microsoft-based architectures.
Log Parser 2.0 Tool
The Log Parser 2.0 tool lets you run SQL-like queries on log files of almost any format, and then display the results in a file format of your choice, in a SQL database, or on a screen. Log Parser is available as a command-line tool and as a set of s
This site is dedicated to free and open source test tools for use in development and quality assurance of web applications and services. Tools or utilities mentioned are free and/or open source, and all scripting discussed is accompanied with code ex
WebInject - HTTP Test Tool
WebInject is a free tool for automated testing of web applications and services. It can be used to test any individual system component with an HTTP interface (JSP, ASP, CGI, PHP, Servlets, HTML Forms, etc), and can be used as a test harness to creat
RTTS: The Test Automation Experts
RTTS' mission is to help our clients refine their quality assurance process so that it leads to higher quality applications and architecture.
Daniel A. Menascé
Dr. Menascé is a Professor of Computer Science, the co-Director of the E-center for E-Business, and the director of the MS in E-commerce program at George Mason University. Dr. Menascé has written several books on cacapcity planning and performance.
Measuring the Capacity of a Web Server
The widespread use of the World Wide Web and related applications places interesting performance demands on network servers. The ability to measure the effect of these demands is important for tuning and optimizing the various software components tha
TheServerSide.COM: Performance/Scalability Forum
Performance testing and best practices focused on JAVA technologies.
Soft Logica: Web Application Testing Tool
WAPT 3.0 is a load and stress testing tool that provides you with an easy to use, consistent and cost-effective way of testing web sites and intranet applications with web interface.
DB-HQ is a framework for the cataloguing and management of the SQL that DBAs and application developers use daily.
Java Performance Tuning was originally created as a support site for Jack Shirazi's book Java Performance Tuning. It immediately became the the premier site for all types of Java performance tuning information.
Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability
This workspace is the working area for the Patterns & Practices team project on performance & scalability.
An Overview of Load Test Tools
This document has been designed in order to have an overview of existing software and
applications that deal with load testing in all aspects. It has been written in the perspective of
creating a new application in this domain, either from scratch
" Eye on performance: A load of stress
Whilst this IBM developerWorks article is brief and introductory, it does contain a useful list of resource links.
Design of High-Performance Software
Designing software to demanding performance specifications. Design analysis using models of computation, workload, and performance. Principles to govern design improvement for sequential, concurrent and parallel execution, based on resource architect
Programming in C
This is a set of notes on Programming in C.
Enabling High Performance Data Transfers
The objective here is to summarize the issues involved and maintain a repository of hardware/OS specific information that is required for getting the best possible network performance.
Creating a Scalable Architecture for Internet Measurement
Historically, the Internet has been woefully under-measured and under-instrumented. The problem is only getting worse with the network's ever-increasing size. Click to read further.
Workshop on Software and Performance
WOSP is a forum for researchers interested at the intersection of Software Engineering and Performance Engineering
Architecting for Performance
Presentation by Richard Leeke, Senior Consultant, Equinox Limited. Richard will be looking at Architecting for performance and drawing on a range of real-world war stories and practical observations.

Mercury Performance Tuning Network
Mercury Performance Tuning Network
Test tool company based in the Netherlands.
Rational Testing additions.
" Equinox Limited
Equinox is a very capable, strong and committed team of "software architects" based in New Zealand's capital city of Wellington. Home of Richard Leeke a very senior Performance Tester.
Transaction Processing Performance Council
LISA software is the world's first no-code, enterprise-strength automated testing solution for J2EE applications, websites and web services.
Performance Dynamics Company
Founded and owned by Dr. Neil Gunther.
Specializing in performance analysis and enterprise-wide capacity planning.
Advanced Information Assurance Handbook
This handbook is for technical staff members charged with administering and securing
information systems and networks.
" Super Computing Online
The Leading News Source for High Performance Computing, Networking & Communications Professionals
ULC Load
The Canoo ULC Load tool measures the performance, scalability, and robustness of ULC applications.
Most useful counters for SQL Server performance monitoring
This performance - tuning article is provided to inform database administrators on “how to” configure database server for maximum performance and help determine the cause of poor performance in a SQL Server environment.
The Certainty Group
The Certainty Group, of Newton, MA, is an independent Oracle database performance and reliability consultancy specializing in solving complex problems in multi-vendor, mission-critical systems for business software applications.
The SQL Server Worldwide User's Group
The home of the SQL Server Worldwide User's Group, SSWUG.ORG. Lots of interesting performance articles.
The Unofficial JBoss Performance Tuning Guide
This is an unofficial performance tuning guide for the JBoss application server. JBoss is one of the few open-source application servers that is gaining a lot of customers/users in recent years.
Core J2EE Patterns
This is the official site for the book Core J2EE Patterns: Best Practices and Design Strategies.
J2EE Blueprints
Guidelines, Patterns, and code for end-to-end Java applications.
Java Performance
Performance is critical for the success of your applications built on Java technology and it impacts all levels of the software stack. Software-stack performance involves server-side programs, client-side programs, Web services, operating systems, se
Sun Java Application Server Performance Tuning Guide
This guide helps you to understand the tuning and sizing options available, providing you the capabilities and practices to obtain the best performance out of your Sun ONE Application Server.
Sun Tech Days Presentation on J2EE Best Practices and Patterns
A PDF containing a presentation.
Java Performance Tuning was originally created as a support site for Jack Shirazi's book Java Performance Tuning. It immediately became the the premier site for all types of Java performance tuning information, because of the huge amount of informa
Over 100 Best Practices to improve performance in J2EE.
The Middleware Company J2EE Performance Case Study is the world's first portal dedicated to the analysis and distribution of research on middleware technology.
J2EEOLYMPUS: J2EE Performance
This site offers the latest J2EE news, articles, white papers, tutorials, free available books and other books.
J2EE Design Strategies That Boost Performance
Your J2EE application is up and running, but you've got problems. The response time is slow, the batch-processing throughput is woeful, and the users are complaining. Learn how the application of a few key design strategies can alleviate your perform
J2EE Performance Tuning
Steven Haines details a robust tuning methodology that you can use to tune your J2EE applications and application servers.
Intel: Enterprise Java Best Practices
This paper from Intel discusses best practices for maximizing the performance of enterprise Java workloads.
Speed Web delivery with HTTP compression
A look at the page-delivery effects of data compression in HTTP 1.1
J2EE Performance
The home page of J2EE Performance for WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, etc.
Zabbix is an all-in-one 24x7 monitoring solution without high cost. Zabbix is released under the GPL, thus it is free of charge for both commercial and non-commercial use.
Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability
This guide provides end-to-end guidance for managing performance and scalability throughout your application life cycle to reduce risk and lower total cost of ownership.
SQL Server Scalability FAQ
Review this FAQ to find answers to some common questions about how SQL Server 2000 scales to meet the needs of very large database (VLDB) systems.
Performance Test Tools Listing
Comprehensive list of Performance and Load Test tools.
Proxy Sniffer
Proxy Sniffer is a professional, platform-independent load and stress test tool with an intuitive user-friendly interface. It permits you to test, analyze and tune the performance characteristics and the stability of your webserver under various load
Disk I/O benchmark Tools
Several Disk I/O benchmark Tools for different platforms.
123 Load Test
"123 Load Test" is an application written in c++ to load test web sites.
ANTS is a suite of products dedicated to optimizing and analyzing the performance of .NET applications.
Apache Bench
Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool
Apache JMeter
Apache JMeter is a 100% pure Java desktop application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. It was originally designed for testing Web Applications but has since expanded to other test functions.
Benchmark Factory
Benchmark Factory is a framework for developing and running multiple benchmarks.
Capacity Calibration (CapCal™) is a patent-pending technology for measuring the capacity and performance of any server or Web site from a distributed network of agent computers inside or outside the corporate firewall.
Deluge is an open-source web site stress test tool.
Dieseltest is a Windows application that simulates hundreds or thousands of users hitting a website. From the perspective of the web server, there is no difference between a request coming from a Dieseltest virtual user and a live user on the web.
Web site load testing tool.
ECperf is a benchmark for measuring performance and scalability, comprising a specification and a kit. ECPerf was built in conjunction with Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) server vendors under the Java Community Process.
ejbSPEC is a project that will provide a suite of benchmark programs that are intended to test an EJB container's performance, integrity, and compliance.
e-Load Expert
Web testing solutions from Empirix help organizations verify the functionality, scalability and quality of their mission-critical, Web-based applications.
EtherApe is a graphical network monitor for Unix modeled after etherman.
Automated WebSite Testing & QA Solution for
Spidering, Searching, Functional Testing, Validating, Server Loading, Performance Tuning, Timing, WebSite Metrics and Monitoring .
" Flight
Flight is a framework that lets you write tests for websites. You write a JavaScript program and run it in Flight's simulator software. The your script tells the framework what URLs to visit, what form data to submit, etc.
The forecast product suite from facilita tests the performance and scalability of IT systems. Forecast is a complete solution for performance and load testing across the enterprise.
Fungus is a framework for distributed agent-based simulation. Fungus uses a very modular architecture. An optional GUI is provided. Website is largely in French.
The Grinder is a Java™ load-testing framework. It is freely available under a BSD-style open-source license.
Hammerhead 2 is a stress testing tool designed to test out your web server and web site. It can initiate multiple connections from IP aliases and simulated numerous (256+) users at any given time.
http_load runs multiple http fetches in parallel, to test the throughput of a web server. However unlike most such test clients, it runs in a single process, so it doesn't bog down the client machine. It can be configured to do https fetches as well.
Jabez will be a JMS benchmark that can be deployed as a J2EE application. Not available yet.
JavaLoad/JavaStar are cross-platform testing tools, written entirely in Java, to enable end-to-end load testing of enterprise applications across large heterogeneous computing environments. It allows system developers and quality assurance engineers
Apache JMeter is a 100% pure Java desktop application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. It was originally designed for testing Web Applications but has since expanded to other test functions.
JUnitPerf is a collection of JUnit test decorators used to measure the performance and scalability of functionality contained within existing JUnit tests.
Suite of simple, portable benchmarks.
Compares different systems performance.
" LoadPro
LoadPro is the only performance test service to factor in both the dynamic behavior of end-users as well as the unpredictable nature of the Internet. By Keynote.
LoadSim is a web application load simulator. It allows you to create simulations and have those simulations run against your webserver.
Mercury LoadRunner
The industry-standard performance testing product for predicting system behavior and performance. Using limited hardware resources, LoadRunner emulates hundreds or thousands of concurrent users to put the application through the rigors of real-life.
Microsoft Application Center Test
The Microsoft WAS web stress tool is designed to realistically simulate multiple browsers requesting pages from a web site.
Microsoft WCAT load test tool
A multi-threaded HTTP loadgenerator, capable of generating fixed rates, with complete statistics.
Open DTE
An easy to use testing framework, which makes it easy to generate enough load on a server system.
Open Performance Suite
Open Performance Suite for Network applications. Not available yet.
Open STA
OpenSTA is a distributed software testing architecture designed around CORBA, it was originally developed to be commercial software by CYRANO.
OpenLC stands for Open Load Commander, and its aim is to facilitate the making of benchmarks for the different Open Source IT servers by providing a set of tools for processing, comparing and offering a detailed results sheet. GPL
OpenLoad is a tool for load testing web applications. It aims to be easy to use and providing near real-time performance measurements of the application under test. This is particulary useful when you are doing optimization as you can see the impact
Portent Web Load test tool
Portent Classic is a very easy-to-use and cost-effective tool for creating large loads of hits on a web server.
This is a program to benchmark SMTP servers.
Project OpenLoad
Open Load Tester V3.5 is the industry’s first easy to use, browser based, rapid performance optimization solution for functional and load testing of dynamic Web sites and applications.
PureLoad is a load testing tool that simulates hundreds of users executing requests against server based applications.
QALoad is the Performance Testing product from CompuWare.
QuotiumPRO™, the most powerful injector on the market when combined with a large set of readily available performance monitors brings a scalable and affordable solution for end to end testing of web applications.
Radview WebLoad
Award-winning WebLOAD can help companies deploy high performing e-business applications by modeling and anticipating the real-life demands on their applications.
Siege is an http regression testing and benchmarking utility. It was designed to let web developers measure the performance of their code under duress, to see how it will stand up to load on the internet. Siege supports basic authentication, cookies,
SilkPerformer is the industry's most powerful - yet easiest to use - automated load and performance testing system for maximizing the performance, scalability and reliability of enterprise applications.
An easy-to-use tool to test web servers and web applications against stress.
SSLider is a web server benchmarking and testing tool supporting HTTP/HTTPS, cookies, data submission via POST, and scripted site tests suitable for CGI application and servlet testing.
TestMaker is the complete test and monitoring solution that software developers, QA technicians and IT managers use everyday to solve scalability, functionality and performance problems in Web-enabled applications, especially Web Services.
A small Perl script called "" whose purpose in life is to inflict pain and suffering on hapless Web servers. It sends servers increasing amounts of random data at increasingly shorter intervals until they either crashed or slowed to the poi
The purpose with TPTEST is to allow users to measure the speed of their Internet connection in a simple way. TPTEST measures the throughput speed to and from various reference servers on the Internet.
UrbanCode EJBBenchmark
The goal of this benchmark is to provide some objective basis for the hard design decisions every EJB development team has to make. This is not a benchmark of application servers. We do not test the performance of one application server versus any ot
WAGON: A Web Server Benchmarking Tool
A benchmark tool of Web servers and caches: WAGON (Web trAffic GeneratOr and beNchmark). It comprises a generator of Web traffic, tools for statistical analysis and a monitoring tool.
Avalanche 2500™ is a capacity assessment appliance that provides high-performance, protocol-accurate stress testing, ensuring that your devices, networks and web applications will excel under real-world conditions.
Web Polygraph
Web Polygraph is a freely available benchmarking tool for caching proxies, origin server accelerators, L4/7 switches, content filters, and other Web intermediaries.
Web Roller
A load and stress testing tool that provides you with an easy to use, consistent and cost-effective way of testing web sites and intranet applications with web interface.
WEBART™ is a nuts-and-bolts test-automation tool developed by OCLC for testing World Wide Web. internet, and intranet applications and content.
WebHammer 2.0 is a new version of the utility designed to test Web applications and servers.
Webmaster Solution: Site Stress
SiteStress is a consultative load testing service that simulates end-user activity against designated websites, challenging both performance capacities and infrastructure reliability.
WebPerformance Trainer
Web Performance Trainer™ is web load testing and web stress testing software and tools targeted at web sites that use standard technologies such as web forms, J2EE, ASP, .NET, PHP, ColdFusion, Java, etc.
WebServer Stress Tool
Webserver Stress Tool is a comprehensive HTTP-client/server test application designed to pinpoint critical issues in your webserver that may prevent optimal performance.
A Performance Analysis Application to size, benchmark and debug applications using HTTP servers and Applications, WebSizr can simulate workloads from thousands of Web browsers.
SNAsim is a powerful SNA 3270/5250 testing and traffic generation tool. It provides a PC-based environment for simulating the 3270 and 5250 data streams produced by IBM Mainframes using SDLC, Token Ring, and Ethernet connections. - Your Performance Portal
Mercury Interactive Gold Solutions Partner
" mySQL Performance Tuning
Making sure your MySQL server flies
by Jeremy Zawodny
The jvmstat tools provide access to light weight performance and configuration instrumentation exported by the HotSpot JVM and displays the information in various formats.
Zyntax is a growing dynamic company located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Performance Planning for Managers
This article presents a ten point plan for ensuring that your application will perform adequately.
Memory Performance Testing
A Quantitative Demonstration of the Benefits of More Memory for Windows NT Servers.
The Necessity of Performance Profiling
Scaling your application from the desktop to the server means looking for performance bottlenecks
JUnitPerf is a collection of JUnit test decorators used to measure the performance and scalability of functionality contained within existing JUnit tests. By Mike Clark, Clarkware Consulting, Inc.
" Five Steps to Solving Software Performance Problems
This article presents a systematic, quantitative approach to performance tuning that helps you quickly find problems, identify potential solutions, and prioritize your efforts to achieve the greatest improvements with the least effort.
Measuring the Capacity of a Web Server
Improving the performance of the Web has been the subject of much recent research, addressing various aspects of the problem such as better Web caching , HTTP protocol enhancements better HTTP servers and proxies and server OS implementations.
An automated solution for distributed testing of your Windows and OS/2 GUI and client/server applications. From a central point, you can execute and monitor tests created with AutoTester for Windows and OS/2, across a network, for load, stress and
A Database Server load and stress testing tool. Helps pinpoint potential performance bottlenecks by use of a graphical modeling tool to simulate, manage and measure complex dynamic transactions by simulated users.
WinFeedback is a Windows Scripting extension for performance measuring, software testing and task automation.
e-TEST suite™
e-TEST suite is a powerful, easy-to-use, integrated web testing solution that ensures the performance and reliability of custom enterprise Web applications
JProbe Suite
JProbe Suite is a complete performance toolkit for Java code tuning. JProbe helps developers diagnose and resolve performance bottlenecks, memory leaks, excessive garbage collection, threading issues and coverage deficiencies in their J2EE and J2SE a
AppPerfect Load Tester
AppPerfect Load Tester is a highly scalable load simulation software that helps you test your application's behavior under conditions of heavy usage.
Iperf is a tool to measure maximum TCP bandwidth, allowing the tuning of various parameters and UDP characteristics. Iperf reports bandwidth, delay jitter, datagram loss.
Extreme web analyzer
Evaluating web application performance by extracting information from a network trace makes it possible to automate the model building process. Free Tool.
Oracle Performance Tuning FAQ
The Oracle FAQ attempts to provide accurate answers to common questions regarding the best way of working with the Oracle relational database. They are all written by Howard Rogers, as his mood and time allows.
A Library of custom VuC functions
If you use IBM Rational Robot for load-generation script creation, you may find the solution to your testing problem here.
Open Testware Reviews: OpenSTA
OpenSTA (Open System Testing Architecture) review by Danny Faught, Tejas Consulting
The home for the humble stress_driver stress test tool that began life by crashing Convex supercomputers.
Neil J. Gunther
Neil works through his company Performance Dynamics and provides consulting and educational services on performance analysis and enterprise-wide capacity planning.
Yahoo Group: Performance Testing
This is a group where you can find issues and discussions about performance testing and performance testing tools.
Outsource Testing
Outsource Testing provides software and system testing at clients sites or at it's quality control labs in Southern California.
Beginners Guides: 99 Performance Tips for Windows XP
From faster boot times, to speeding up your current hardware, PCstats has 99 Tips to make your computer run quicker, better, and more efficiently. - Version 1.0.0
The Quality of Internet Service
AT&T’s Global IP Network Performance Measurements. A description of the methodology.
"Performance Issues of Designing a High Performance Intranet
This paper provides an analysis of the factors affecting performance of an Intranet.
It begins by looking at the working of the Web Server and the evolving performance issues of
the HTTP Protocol.
Active Directory Performance Testing Tool
ADTest.exe is an Active Directory load-generation tool that simulates client transactions on a host server to assess the performance of the Microsoft® Active Directory™ within Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 and Microsoft® Active Directory Applicatio
Network Cache Performance Testing Tool
The measuring client tool, cfmc, is a command-line program that is used both as an HTTP load generating client and as an end-user response time measurement client.
Scapa StressTest for Citrix MetaFrame
Scapa StressTest for Citrix MetaFrame is a performance testing tool that tests how well MetaFrame deployments perform under variable load.
Exchange's Performance Testing Tools
Microsoft's Exchange Server 2003 Tools and Updates site includes three tools that can help measure server performance, tuning, and scalability. You can use these tools together to test various aspects of your Exchange server design.
[[ Tuning Garbage Collection with the 1.4.2 Java[tm] Virtual Machine]]
A comprehensive treaty on GC.
MySQL Super Smack
MySQL Super Smack is a benchmarking, stress testing, and load generation tool for MySQL.
Kinetic Bits
KBI Testing can provide you with the expertise you need to determine how your application will perform, so that you can be sure that when you "go live," your user's experience will be the best possible.
OpenDemand: Open Load
OpenLoad™ is the industry’s first easy-to-use and affordable, browser-based, enterprise web site functional and load testing application.
Using the Windows Performance Monitor
The Performance Monitor is Microsoft's primary tool for measuring and monitoring system performance, and for troubleshooting many system problems in Windows NT, Windows 2000 and now Windows XP.
Agent and Distributed Objects Quality of Service (QoS) Home Page
Results that form a part of tests involving real-time operating systems, real-time ORBs and network QoS technologies such as Diff Services and Integrated Services.
KeyLabs can perform independent, confidential and secure testing services to ensure that your product can withstand the rigors of today's e-business environment.
LoadRunner Info collected by Wilson Mar
A nice collection of LoadRunner information.
Wily Technology
J2EE Performance Practice revolving around Introscope® 5.0.
WebSphere 4.0 Administrators' Performance Survival Guide, Part 1
WAS 4.0 introduced enhancements and tools to help a sysadmin properly install and configure WAS to maximize performance. Here's how you can use these tools to set up a single-tiered, single-node WAS topology or a topology with multiple WAS nodes or i
WebSphere 4.0 Administrators' Performance Survival Guide, Part 2
Once you’ve chosen and deployed an optimal WAS application topology, the next step is to adjust the WAS queuing network and fine-tune server resources such as JVM memory allocation.
Recognizing a Processor Bottleneck
Processor bottlenecks occur when the processor is so busy that it cannot respond to requests quickly. This page has some good pointers on how to recognize this on your Windows Server.
John Hennen: Architecting for Performance
A presentation by John Hennen of Lincoln Technology. The best time to tune an application is before it is built.
.NET vs J2EE: An Architectural and Performance Comparison of .NET and J2EE Applications
The results of several benchmarks comparing the performance and scalability of the .NET platform to the Java/J2EE platform.
The J2EE Architect's Handbook
How to be a successful technical architect for J2EE applications by Derek C. Ashmore.
PDF of the complete book. Warning: It takes some time to download!
DTrace is a comprehensive dynamic tracing framework for the Solaris Operating Environment.
Five easy-to-use performance tools for Linux on PowerPC
This article describes Performance Inspector, which contains a suite of performance tools for Linux.
Stress-testing the Linux kernel
A design process for standardized testing of Linux. In this article, Linux Test Project team members share their methodology and rationale, as well as the scripts and tools they use to stress-test the Linux® kernel.
Java Objects Communication on a High Performance Network
This paper presents an alternative to the standard serialization process. Results are given for basic operations; they demonstrate a dramatic change in the transfer speed.
Rico Mariani's WebLog
Rico devotes significant time explaining performance related issues.
Server Performance Advisor V1.0
Service Performance Advisor is a server performance diagnostic tool developed to diagnose root causes of performance problems in a Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 operating system, Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 and the Active Directory® dir
The performance of Web services applications in Windows 2000: monitoring ASP and COM+
Performance monitoring and capacity planning for the Microsoft application development platform is challenging due to significant gaps in the measurement data available and familiar problems correlating data.
NTSMF® is the system management facility built for Windows NT, 2000, XP, and 2003 servers and workstations. It provides continuous, low impact monitoring for all performance, reporting, analysis, and capacity planning needs.
6 Best Practices for J2EE Architecture
Leverage "in-the-trench" J2EE best practices to improve the architecture and design of your existing and future J2EE applications.
Performance Tools for Solaris 8
A presentation about: Existing Solaris Bundled Tools, New tools in Solaris 8, New features in Solaris 8 updates, Unbundled Tools
Directly drives numerous instances of MSIE in a single machine or across multiple machines. Emphasizes ease of use. Supports browser-side scripts/objects, HTTP 1.0/1.1, HTTPS, cookies, cache, Windows authentication.
Application Performance Evaluator and Resource Allocation Tool
A tool for performance modeling and evaluation, resource allocation, and capacity planning. It helps to build performance models for J2EE applications, solve the models, and choose the right configurations for the applications.
WebSphere Studio Workload Simulator for z/OS and OS/390
Helps assess your Web-serving environment's capability for handling production-level loads. Simulates large numbers of "virtual users" and the associated Web traffic.
Ten Top Tips for Tuning the Oracle Application Server
Oracle's Steve Button and Tim Blake gave a presentation at the Melbourne Openworld on the Top Ten Tips For Tuning Oracle Application Server.
Database Performance with NAS: Optimizing Oracle on NFS
This paper discusses the operation of Relational Databases with Network Attached Storage (NAS). Management implications and performance expectations for databases using NAS are presented in detail.
One-way Latency Measurement (OWAMP)
OWAMP is a command line client application and a policy daemon used to determine one way latencies between hosts.
Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT)
The Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) is a client/server program that provides network configuration and performance testing to a users desktop or laptop computer.
An online knowledge-base about all things ‘Software Testing’ related, that you maintain and a mind-share blog for the Software Development and Testing community.
eTest Associates
Provides complete, independent and bespoke e-testing and quality assurance solutions for all business sectors.
Mike Kelly
A software-testing consultant for Computer Horizons Corporation with experience in software development and automated testing. He has published numerous articles on Performance Testing.
Living Glossary: Testing Terms
Can't find it in the knowledge base? Try this site for another glossary on Testing Terms.
WOPR (The Workshop On Performance and Reliability)
Is an ongoing series of invitation-only, minimal-cost workshops for experienced performance testers and related professionals. WOPR builds skills in system performance and reliability and allows people who are interested in these topics to network wi
PyWebPerf is a performance measuring tool written in Python which simulates a web browser fetching a page (handles cookies, multiple threads, image and css download).
Java Testing and Design
Free Book: Produce scalable, reliable, high-performance Web-enabled applications in Java.
Errant Architectures
Article By Martin Fowler: When we let objects wander, we all pay the performance price. Here’s how to avoid distributed dystopia’s overhead of remote procedure calls and ignore middleware’s siren song.
Zero Impact database monitoring
ZERO IMPACT database monitoring of end-user service levels, SQL performance, top N SQL and data warehousing end-user data usage analysis.
Python Performance Tips
This page is devoted to various tips and tricks that help improve the performance of your Python programs.
Monitoring System Performance With Orca, RRDtool, and the SE Toolkit
Article: Using the utility Orca in conjunction with RRDtool, the SE Toolkit, and a web server such as Apache is an effective way to track such performance data on machines running the Solaris Operating System.
HTTP testing tool for benchmarking the performance of web applications. JBenchmark is 100% Java based and can be incorporated into the build process or used independently for testing application performance.
tang-IT ARM - Application Response Measurement
ARM, the Application Response Measurement Standard of The Open Group, provides a platform-neutral, vendor-independent platform for transaction monitoring and performance management.
Application Response Measurement - ARM
The Application Response Measurement (ARM) standard describes a common method for integrating enterprise applications as manageable entities.
Network Performance Effects on HTTP 1.1, CSS1, PNG Performance
A presentation used for the cse291 course at University of California, San Diego, by Henrik Frystyk Nielsen, James Gettys and Anselm Baird-Smith.
ASP.NET 2.0 Internals
The topics covered in this paper are of use to performance-minded developers and technical architects seeking to fine-tune applications.
The Art of Capacity Planning: Guidelines for WebLogic Server
WebLogic Server runs on hardware ranging from PCs to high-end mainframes. Therefore, it's essential to carefully choose the level of hardware necessary to provide optimal performance for your WebLogic Server deployment.
"The Ten Cardinal Rules of Capacity Planning
Excellent article by Rich Schiesser.

" Planning for growth: A proven methodology for capacity planning
This paper presents a methodology for IT professionals to use to determine whether their Web site can satisfy future demands and to evaluate potential workload and infrastructure changes. From IBM DeveloperWorks.
ISA Server Performance Best Practices
The goal of ISA Server capacity planning is to enable planning the hardware and software configuration of an ISA Server deployment for customer-specific performance and capacity requirements.
Demystifying capacity planning
Combining software tools and network savvy can help to better plan networks.
"Performance/Capacity Planning for IBM zSeries and S/390 Systems
Articles dealing with performance tuning and capacity planning issues.

" "IOzone Filesystem Benchmark
A filesystem benchmark tool.
Iozone is useful for performing a broad filesystem analysis of a vendor’s computer platform.
" Linux Kernel Performance Tools
This page on IBM DeveloperWorks lists a number of performance tools that are used by the LTC Kernel Performance Team.
Segue's White Papers and Resources
Some very nice whitepapers and resources from Segue.
Keynote's Resource Library
Interesting resources and whitepapers from Keynote.
Custom Performance Analysis using the Microsoft Performance Data Helper
An introduction to the Microsoft Performance Data Helper library and its functions, and explains, with examples, how to exploit the availability of this library to create effective custom performance monitoring applications.
Inserting comments, timers, block markers, and synchronization points in VU scripts
IBM Rational Robot lets you insert a number of items into scripts during recording to make them more useful and easier to read and maintain. This article shows you how to insert comments, timers, block markers, and synchronization points.
"Reading HTTP VU scripts
Understanding the code in an HTTP VU script will help you design better performance tests. This article walks you through a typical script.

" "Using IBM Rational Robot to run your first performance test
This beginner-level article focuses on the process of designing tests, recording test scripts, creating automated or manual performance test suites, executing the test suites against various configurations, and then analyzing the reports.

" Packetyzer - Packet Analyzer for Windows
A free Windows user interface for the Ethereal packet capture and dissection library. Packetyzer can decode more than 483 protocols.
Capacity Model for Internet Transactions
A Microsoft white paper about applying the transaction cost analysis (TCA) methodology.
EDDIE: The intelligent UNIX monitoring tool
The EDDIE Tool is a system monitoring, security and performance analysis agent developed entirely in Python. Its key features are portability, powerful configuration and ease of expansion.
"TCP Slow Start, Congestion Avoidance, Fast Retransmit and Fast Recovery Algorithms
This document describes the above mentioned four algorithms for the Internet.
TCP Slow Start Tuning for Solaris 2.6
The TCP specification requires an algorithm known as "slow start". The algorithm applies to the sender side and is described in RFC2001.
Windows 2000 TCP Performance Tuning Tips
A set of tips by Carl Harris to improve your TCP performance on Windows 2000. This is probably valid for later versions as well.
Enabling High Performance Data Transfers
A repository of hardware/OS specific information that is required for getting the best possible network performance on these platforms.
Optimizing bulk transfers over high latency/bandwidth nets
Describes a process and tests aimed to improve the performance of high speed bulk data transfers.
Network Performance links
A massive list of network performance related links maintained by Tom Dunigan at ORNL.
Useful information for people, who come in contact with testing. This site contains more than 100 links, 100 tools and 50 books, an overview of company's working in the testing field, a testing dictionary and a library.
The Unofficial JBoss Performance Tuning Guide
This article focuses on one major areas in deploying web applications on the JBoss application server: performance tuning.
A Collection of JVM Options
This document is a compilation of all the JVM options for various versions of the JVM on primarily SPARC/Solaris Platform. The descriptions for each option are taken mostly verbatim from the reference documents.
Merit Software Testing
At Merit, we help you reduce the cost of Software Testing for your organisation. Our unique approach to Software Testing Services let you deliver higher quality applications, quicker, at significantly lower costs.
TestToolTraining offers a number of online courses on the leading Software Testing Tools. These courses teach everything covered in vendors own courses, plus additional topics, at a fraction of the cost of attending open classes.
Analysis of HTTP Performance problems
HTTP uses TCP as a transport layer. Certain design features of HTTP interact badly with TCP, causing problems with performance and with server scalability. By Simon E Spero
Database related performance resources, benchmarks...
Benchmark, a performance portal.
The TCP/IP Guide
The TCP/IP Guide is a reference resource on the TCP/IP protocol suite that was designed to be not only comprehensive, but comprehensible.
Estimating the number of concurrent users
Eric Wong has come up with a simple mathematical model and some easy to use formulas that may be helpful in estimating the number of concurrent users.
IOMeter is an I/O subsystem measurement and characterization tool for single and clustered systems.
Microsoft Support Tools For Stress Testing & Performance Analysis
This download provides two main tools used by the Microsoft SQL Server Product Support teams, Read80Trace and OSTRESS.
"LoadSim: Exchange Test Tool
This utility will generate mailbox infrastructure to allow for simulating disk I/O activity. You can use it to stress out the disk subsystem prior to the migration.
JetStress: Exchange Test Tool
Jetstress simulates the Exchange database and log file loads produced by a specified number of users. You can use it to stress out the disk subsystem prior to the migration.
SQL I/O Stress Tool
This utility will simulate SQL Server disk I/O activity. You can use it to stress out the disk subsystem prior to the migration.
This paper describes scalability testing performed on Cognos ReportNet™, an all-in-one enterprise query and reporting solution.
Testing and Performance Articles
From FTPOnline: case studies, tips, and market trends on testing and performance.
LoadRunner User’s Guide
A White Paper by Ivan Maclaine, QualTech International.
Using Magpie for request extraction and workload modelling
Magpie is a toolchain for automatically extracting a system's workload under realistic operating conditions.
Nick Wienholt's .Net Performance Blogs
Nick is the author of the "Maximizing .NET Performance" book, which is an in-depth treatment of .NET Framework performance; showing how to avoid performance pitfalls by covering the whys, whens, and hows of .NET performance.
Pounder is a utility for automating Java GUI tests. It allows developers to dynamically load GUI's, record scripts, and then use those scripts in a test harness. GPL
A tool which helps database application developers with tuning the structure of the database, tuning the usage of indexes, and testing the application performance under heavy database load.
SLAMD Distributed Load Generation Engine
This is a Java-based application designed for stress testing and performance analysis of network-based applications.
Application Performance Evaluator and Resource Allocation Tool (APERA)
A tool for performance modeling and evaluation, resource allocation, and capacity planning. APERA helps to build performance models for J2EE applications, solve the models, and choose the right configurations for the applications.
Dynamic Performance Monitor for OpenMP
DPOMP is an implementation of the proposed "POMP" performance monitoring interface for OpenMP applications based on IBM's dynamic instrumentation infrastructure.
JCrawler is an open-source (under the CPL) Stress-Testing Tool for web-applications. It comes with the crawling/exploratory feature.
NTime - Performance unit testing tool
The NTime tool is very similar to NUnit tool - another unit testing tool, so currently users that use NUnit should see almost the same GUI and functionality.
A leading Performance Testing company in India. It has wide range of experience in testing different products, ranging from financial products to VoIP based systems.
SQLServer Performance section at
Collected articles and tips on SQLServer Performance.
DTM DB Stress
A utility for stress testing the server parts of information systems and applications, as well as DBMSs and servers themselves. J2EE Performance Improvement tips
Performance improvement techniques/tips/information on all important J2SE(Collections, Strings, IO, Exceptions, Serialization etc...) and J2EE (JDBC, Servlets, and JSP etc...) APIs.
A performance analysis and tuning tool for most Solaris SPARC, Linux, AIX, and HP-UX systems. It produces recommendations and explanations, complete with supporting graphs and tables.
A GPL-licensed Java tool for analyzing the performance of applications on the Java 2 Platform.
pyUnitPerf is a port of Mike Clarks' JUnitPerf to Python. It is a collection of pyUnit test decorators used to measure the performance and scalability of functionality contained within existing pyUnit tests.
SSL Stress tool
SSL client stress tool is a small program which is capable of stress testing any SSL-based server.
A metric for predicting the performance of an application under a growing workload
A new software metric, designed to predict the likelihood that the system will fail to meet its performance goals when the workload is scaled, is introduced. Known as the PNL (Performance Nonscalability Likelihood) metric.
NeoLoad is a mid-range load testing tool for web applications. Easy to use, no scripting but can design advanced scenarios.
NeoLoad is a mid-range load testing tool for web applications. Easy to use, no scripting but can design advanced scenarios.
Performance Monitor Wizard
This tool from Microsoft helps you set up performance monitoring for your Windows 2000 or later systems.
CleverEye is for server monitoring, application monitoring, database monitoring, and monitoring vitually all network resources.
This online software testing & quality assurance training center is the place where you can learn to become a software test professional and train to use automated & performance test tools to further enhance your career.
Check WebSite
Check Website is a free performance monitoring and uptime notification tool. It will check if a Website is up, and check the response time of the site.
Monitor Tools web site
Complete listings of Monitor Tools available today, organised in categories.
Codenomicon Test Tools
By using the test tools, a wide variety of protocol interfaces can be tested for information security defects and robustness shortcomings.
Codenomicon provides automated tools with a systematic approach to testing critical software. Codenomicon testing technology ensures the robustness, reliability and security of information technology systems.
JStress: A Performance Profiling Harness
JStress was written to address the need for a lightweight and extensible performance harness that was not tied to a particular system architecture.
Stuart Moncrieff's blog at
Stuart is a performance test consultant based in Melbourne, Australia.
An Open Source tool for monitoring performance of a J2EE application and diagnosing performance problems.
LivePerf is a customizable performance monitoring tool for servers and distributed systems.
YourKit Java Profiler
YourKit Java Profiler is a CPU and memory profiler that makes it easy to solve wide range of CPU- and memory-related performance problems.
A functional and load web tester, written in Python.
MyARM provides ARM 4.0 (Application Response Measurement) compliant tools.
AppsLoad for Windows
Simulates end-to-end data processing load
Loads and stresses any type of application (client/server, Citrix/TS, Web client)
" Httperf
A free tool for measuring web server performance. It provides a flexible facility for generating various HTTP workloads and for measuring server performance.
Publishes as free Monthly NEWS LETTER for Microsoft® Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Testers via Yahoo Groups.
Glassbox Inspector
Is the foundation of a next generation approach to troubleshooting performance and reliability problems in enterprise Java.
Loadunit is a Junit-based framework for unit-testing of scalability and performance.
A system-wide profiler for Linux systems, capable of profiling all running code at low overhead. OProfile is released under the GNU GPL.
NetBeans Profiler
NetBeans Profiler is a project to provide a full-featured profiling functionality for the NetBeans IDE.

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