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Abbreviation of Open DataBase Connectivity, a standard database access method developed by Microsoft Corporation. The goal of ODBC is to make it possible to access any data from any application, regardless of which database management system (DBMS) is handling the data. ODBC manages this by inserting a middle layer, called a database driver, between an application and the DBMS. The purpose of this layer is to translate the application's data queries into commands that the DBMS understands. For this to work, both the application and the DBMS must be ODBC-compliant -- that is, the application must be capable of issuing ODBC commands and the DBMS must be capable of responding to them. Since version 2.0, the standard supports SAG SQL.

A Microsoft-developed C database application programming interface (API) that allows access to database management systems calling callable SQL, which does not require the use of a SQL preprocessor. In addition, ODBC provides an architecture that allows users to add modules called database drivers that link the application to their choice of database management systems at run time. This means applications no longer need to be directly linked to the modules of all the database management systems that are supported.

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