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Penetration Testing

Act an individual who is intending to infiltrate the security of an application. This includes testing not only the application itself and it?s security features, but also those of the network, hardware, and physical location where the product is running.

Checkout "Wayne's Windows Administrator Support site for Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Penetration Testing / Firewalls" for information to help Windows NT / W2K / XP administrators protect their networks.

From SANS:
RR paper by Timothy Layton is primarily focused on penetration testing, but includes a section on netcat. If you are interested primarily in penetration testing, Tim recommends Jessica Lowery's paper on penetration testing at Jessica's paper did a great job of outlining and defining what penetration tests are and how an organization should view and use them. Tim builds on that paper with information on how to use the tools.

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