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Performance Baseline

In this context, are single user, single script tests that are recorded to provide a starting point for time comparisons.

A previously tested version of the system, against which a parallel or regression test is known to have passed before the system has been modified.

The ?before? version of the output results from the previous test, or environmental factors, e.g., the response time of the previous version of the system.

A version of a system, system documentation, an operational environment or a test suite which has documented in sufficient detail to re-create it if necessary, provide a basis for further evolution, and can be changed only through a controlled procedure.

Baseline: A reviewed and approved release of artifacts that constitutes an agreed basis for further evolution or development and that can be changed only through a formal procedure, such as change management and configuration control. From RUP.

Baseline results represent each script run individually over multiple iterations. Baselines are used primarily to validate that the scripts have been developed correctly. Occasionally, baseline tests will reveal performance problems that should be addressed immediately.

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