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Performance Engineering

?Determine performance, compare to requirements/goals/SLA?s, identify bottlenecks and work collaboratively with the development team to resolve those bottlenecks?. Identifies User Experience at various loads and or workload distributions that typically represent more than 90% of the user community. Engineering also identifies and works collaboratively with developers to tune critical bottlenecks. Special tests are often developed on the fly to further identify and exploit bottlenecks. Reports show how the measured User Experience compares to requirements, goals and/or service level agreements. Reports will also show symptoms and indications of bottlenecks others can use during tuning or risk assessment exercises. Component metrics are also often collected. Very iterative including close collaboration with developers. ?Let?s work together to meet the performance requirements.?

Performance Engineering is an extension of Load, Spike and Stress Testing, encompassing the performance validation and tuning of systems and applications. Performance Engineering activities focus on ensuring acceptable performance for the end users of the application being deployed. See also SPE.

Interesting Reading:
From Daniel A. Menasc?: Software, Performance, or Engineering, keynote address at the Third International Workshop on Software and Performance (WOSP 2002), July 24-26, 2002 - Rome, Italy.

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