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Performance Test Script

A segment of code used by the load generation tool to simulate user activity against the system under test.

A script is a block of code created to represent user activities. A script often refers to all of the activities necessary for a user to navigate a specific path through the application. Scripts also include the code required to time the page load times, starting from a user-triggered event (i.e. clicking a button or link to request the next page) and ending when the page is fully displayed to the user (commonly known as a ?timer?), user delay times, conditional logic, variables to handle data-driven tests, and other code to handle the specifics of the particular activities the script is intended to emulate.

In a load Test, a test script is a set of instructions carried out to simulate users of a Web application. The script looks like a program written in a conventional programming language, complemented by some specific instructions for load Testing.

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