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Everyone participating here agrees to the following 9 rules in principle. Any discussion, proposed changes or additions should be posted in the comments belonging to the topic. Any corrections can be placed in the actual topic right away.
  1. Everyone who makes a non-trivial contribution gets attribution prominently at the front of the glossary.
  2. Nobody owns it; anyone is free to use it.
  3. If someone uses a copy, they must give full attribution.
  4. People can be free to change a copy, but they must acknowledge the changes.
  5. There is a custodian who periodically updates the topics. The baseline knowledge base is under version control.
  6. Also prominently displayed at the front of the glossary is a caveat about its use, and a declaration that it should not be considered the one true official list.
  7. We have an explainable justification to answer questions like: "Why another glossary?", "Why don't you use the existing IEEE glossary?", etc.
  8. We take care that the glossary is seen as altruistic, not as a salve to the egos of its creators or sponsors.
  9. The terms are conditions for using the glossary are spelled out at the front.

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