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Smoke Testing

A ?quick and dirty? initial test, to make sure the system can operate and process at least a minimal workload. The term ?smoke test? comes from the saying by hardware developers: ?Power it up and see if any smoke comes out.? In complex systems where the build or integration process is not straightforward, a smoke test is a quick post-build test to ensure that all the components have successfully been integrated together. Its purpose is to provide assurance of the build process before proceeding to more comprehensive functional, performance or stress tests. A smoke test is also referred to as a build verification test or a sanity test.

A phrase used to describe a subset of tests, typically limited in number, that can be run against each software build to determine whether the software has regressed in form or function since a previous build. Synonyms: build validation test, build verification test, build acceptance test, build regression test and sanity check.

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